Being responsible for the creation of some the most effective digital work for progressive Indian brands requires a certain knack for knowing the market in conjunction with a client’s specific requirements.

What sets us apart from the rest, aside from the legacy of being one of India’s oldest and largest independent digital operations with end-to-end creative and analytical and technological capabilities is, in one word, FishSenseTM.

FishSenseTM in a Nutshell

Simply put, fish use their “Fish SenseTM” to gather all available intelligence about their environment and respond appropriately to changes almost instantly. This makes them uniquely capable of feeling, reacting, navigating and communicating underwater. From sensing predators or prey miles away to traversing currents, and surviving harsh environments, fish are extremely adaptable all thanks to FishSenseTM.

FishSenseTM and BC Web Wise

FishSenseTM was born when we first set up shop in 2000 as an agency with a small team that included a pet fish. Like our little fish and those of his species, we have proved time and time again to be resilient but fluid in our way of functioning. We consistently adapt to market changes and are always up-to-date with new techniques and technologies to stay ahead of game.

For us, FishSenseTM is about doing something fresh and inimitable. It is about innovation and scalability that can keep pace with the way consumers are interacting with the digital realm and understanding the market to create engaging and industry-firsts in terms of solutions. FishSenseTM is about being a streamlined agency that makes use of all available tools to help clients achieve their digital goals.

At BC Web Wise, we don’t focus on just a client’s immediate need; we go deeper by analyzing current trends and other relevant parameters. This enables us to innovate across the value chain, right from launching a brand on digital to generating leads, driving sales and more.

We internalize FishSenseTM as our digital philosophy and way of doing business. It helps us constantly come up with fresh, industry leading ideas for brands, be a long-term holistic digital partner to clients and thrive as an energetic and dynamic team.