Social Media Marketing

Today’s social networks have become more than a space for idle chatter and the sharing of information. Optimising your brands presence on these platforms isn’t simply about promoting its identity through campaigns, but also about intelligently marketing its values and philosophies.

Here at BC Web Wise, we regard both social media marketing and social media optimization as extremely vital functions for your brand’s web presence. Our team of experts utilise all tools at their disposal and analyse data gathered from each platform to find the best solutions for your brand’s visibility and reach. Our connections with reputed influencers and teams across various channels and genres allow us to create campaigns that will optimally serve your brand’s interests on social media.

For Social Media Marketing, our services include:-

  • Social Media Optimization

    Our SMO services help increase the awareness of your brand, its products, services or events by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity.

  • Online reputation management

    As a reputation management agency that knows how to nurture constructive associations between client and patron, our crew works meticulously to guarantee that the business owner's public image is greatly positive.

  • Community Management

    Our community managers fill the gap between a brand and its community by building, growing, and managing your online brand communities.

  • Content Marketing

    By adopting a holistic approach to content promotion and engagement, our content marketing services do more than connect brands with their current customers. We help you with everything from content strategy to content creation that educates, inspires and brings in leads.

  • Influencer Marketing

    As one of the fastest ways to ignite your brand, grow your community and tap into the power of social media, our influencer marketing services help you incorporate influencers into your content strategy in a way that builds awareness, credibility and trust.

  • Online PR

    Our online PR services put your business in front of the right audience for your online news, press releases and corporate communications.

  • Podcasts

    We offer a robust selection of podcast editing services delivered by a team of audio-production experts to support businesses, artists and entrepreneurs to grow profitable, powerful and engaging organizations.