Camlin #LoveTheChange

Camlin #LoveTheChange

The Goal

Camlin wanted to create delight for the consumers while riding on the massive social buzz created by the launch of Google's new logo and also establish a direct product connect through it.


When Google announced its new logo with a doodle using crayons, Camlin saw the perfect opportunity to respond in line with its core brand proposition – 'Let's Have Fun'. We wanted to welcome this change and also highlight the product connect with the crayon – drawn Google doodle.

So we created a video with a 'Love The Change' response using similar graphics. The video closed with a direct product connect of 'If it's Crayons, its Camlin'. Kokuyo Camlin shared this video through their Twitter account and shared it with @Google, within less than 12 hours after the new Google logo was unveiled.

Immediately after, we submitted tips about the video response to various advertising news portals. We also assigned two advertising portals to publish paid posts on the campaign. As soon as the stories were out, we took to Twitter and started seeding links to the articles.


The Camlin 'Love The Change' video has been viewed more than 99,000 times on Facebook. The PR stunt resulted in a buzz amongst digital audiences, fans of Google as well as Camlin, and was extensively covered by top advertising portals.