Inspire A Billion

The Goal

The key goal was to inspire kids across the country by getting them to watch the Games and support Team India by getting notified about the various events.


Through #InspireABillion, we wanted to motivate the kids in the audience to follow their dreams and be a part of the 2020-2024 Indian Olympics contingent.

We targeted both children and parents. We arranged for them to get notifications for the events they wished to follow, once they visited To inspire children further, we promoted the stories of 4 young, aspiring athletes in the form of videos showcased on the Kokuyo Camlin website.

This campaign culminated with Kokuyo Camlin thanking Sakshi Malik, in an Open Letter, for her achievement and inspiring a billion.


Through this campaign more than 3.4million users were exposed to our communication, garnering over 1 million engagements. This campaign got featured widely on Indian and international websites