Digital Video & Animation

Today’s audience consumes visual content far more effectively and the more engaging it is, the bigger its potential to go ‘viral’. For our in-house production team, thinking outside of the box is second nature. Our ability to create interactive, influential and engaging visual content is what makes us a highly sought after agency.

We have a dedicated and skilled production time that includes some of the best talent in the business. They employ state-of-the-art techniques and creative innovations to bring your brand into the limelight. Our high production-quality videos and trendy animation styles are what win us awards.

Our production team is able to create stunning visual content that will undoubtedly boost your brand’s web-presence simply because of the thorough research, dedication and application that we undertake. From understanding your brand to understanding your consumers and the marketplace, we provide a full range of customised video and animation services.

Our offerings in video and animation include:-

  • Interactive Video

    We provide innovative and unique solutions for interactive videos for marketing and advertising, utilising cutting edge technology and brave ideas that increase customer engagement and provide deeper insight into your products and services.

  • Brand Films

    Marketing videos are a direct representation of your brand personality and with a tailored and hands-on approach, that produce engaging branded content, we help you expand your reach and thereby increase your revenue.

  • Viral Marketing

    Our skilled team builds campaigns and creatives that engage your audience and encourage them to share information about your company's products and services online.

  • Corporate AVs

    We build compelling and captivating corporate audio-visual films to introduce or promote your company or business in a positive light to both your internal and external customers.

  • Custom 3D animations

    We make custom creative and attention grabbing 3D animated videos that explain ideas, services and products by summarizing complex ideas for your company or business.

  • 2D animations

    Our 2D animations are perfect to explain products, concepts or processes in simple and easy to understand terms that translate needs into impactful solutions.

  • Illustrative animations

    Make your website stand out by using some of our impressive illustrations and animations by using our expertise in the field.

  • Hand drawn animations

    We tell your brands compelling stories through custom hand drawn video animations that will help spread your passion and capture the hearts of your audience.