The landscape of online shopping in India is seeing radical changes. The perception of the Indian consumer is changing considerably. With more of the internet being made easily available through better data plans and Wi-Fi zones, the awareness and engagement is ever increasing. We want to embed this into our clients’ business processes to scale/optimise their growth with respect to ROI and loyal customers.

New entrants and the existing champions are upgrading their payment infrastructure and logistics to create the best bait in the Indian ecommerce market. With the VCs confidence increasing in the ecommerce space, new players are putting big bets in the online space, typically online travel, retail, Food, Nutrition, Health, Airlines, and others.

With so many hybrid marketplaces and hyper localisations, customers are always exploring, trying to get the best value for their money. The realization is there is a lot of data coming in and out, thereby leading to various micro-segments of consumers. The sellers are pressed to be data-centric thereby clustering, filtering, aggregating data to creating multiple models of their customers. We use state-of-the-art methods to create the best experiences for your consumers that go well beyond that of a well constructed ecomm site but focus on a customer’s patterns and likes.

Our Ecommerce services include:-

  • Enterprise Ecommerce

    Our e-commerce solutions have helped create rich e-commerce web and mobile applications that, when measured through business metrics, has offered our clients higher revenues and greater visibility for their products.

  • Multi-channel marketing programs

    The multichannel marketing programs we offer reach consumers through various means which allows for a broader range of potential customers. It thus makes it easier to identify your business’s niche and market goods and services directly tuned to their interests and requirements.

  • Subscription, loyalty, and CRM platforms

    Our Loyalty and CRM platforms are designed to help your business manage your clients’ data and interactions, access business information, automate sales, customer support and marketing, and also manage employee, partner and vendor relationships