Media & Services

We use cross-media marketing as an effective tool to provide brands with the most accurate solutions for their individual requirements. Based on our analysis and thorough research, we ensure that your brand propositions reach your specific target audiences with the best impact. BC Web Wise’s online media planning and online media buying services help you develop a strong and well recognised web presence.

As one of the top media buying agencies around, BC Web Wise helps provide your brand with the best ad spaces at highly competitive rates while ensuring only the best utilisation of those spaces. Using up-to-date technology from IMRB, Double Click, Eye Blaster, and Zedo, to name a few players, we accurately determine, track and develop your online marketing activities. We gather the most relevant data based on reach, time-spent, engagement, stickiness, frequency, and ROI parameters to give your brand the right direction for optimal resolutions. We also make use of ComScore and depend on paid and unpaid custom research to create optimised plans to further your brand’s web presence.

Our online media planning and buying services include:-

  • Digital Media Planning & Buying

    Our media experts strategise, negotiate and purchase ad placements while carefully taking into consideration the product that is to be advertised, the target audience, and the campaign goals.

  • Programmatic Solutions

    Our programmatic advertising solutions are able to efficiently target audiences by extremely specific criteria such as age, gender, income, and other targeting criteria.

  • Digital Lead Management

    Our digital lead management solutions help you draw in buyers, foster and nurture them with personalised campaigns and ready them so that your sales team can step in whenever needed.

  • Email Marketing

    We create, send and track effective email campaigns that engage your existing as well as potential client base with measurable results.

  • SMS marketing

    SMS marketing is a great tool for reaching customers instantly as text messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received. We help you to redefine archetypes and revamp your SMS campaigns.