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Low Light Heroes

Brand: ASUS

One of Asus Zenfone’s most unique and characteristic features is ‘low light photography’. So, we decided to communicate this through a unique storytelling approach. ‘Low Light Heroes’ is a series of short films that celebrates the ones that protect the city & safeguard the lives of its citizens after dark – our police force, surgeons, watchmen & more. The emotional stories cover slice of life stories of everyday individuals from the city and how low light heroes come to their rescue. Each story ends showcasing the low light heroes being gifted an Asus Zenfone, thus subtly but effectively reinforcing the product feature.


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Short film video creation is an art. A captivating storyline, the golden rule of perfect timing, aesthetic brilliance and so much more come together to create perfection. BC Web Wise’s video production unit has created over 40 short films for brands across categories like FMCG, Retail, Healthcare, Technology & more. Our short film and video production work has consistently won awards at industry festivals, year on year. So, when brands come to us with a requirement of short film video production for their business, they know that their brand is in the hands of experts.

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