Our Team

Prasad Pillai

Head – Search

Prasad has been working in SEO from at least a decade and is an expert in the field. He makes sure that he and his team are always updated with all that's new in the field and stay ahead of the curve. Whenever Google throws us a new algorithm, he ensures that his team is caught up and are ready to implement it for our clients. Prasad is known to tackle challenges head on and very adaptable to the platform of SEO and its frequent changes.

Some of the brands he has worked with include Hero Motocorp, Volkswogen, Vardenchi, Volkswogen, Sunsilk, Fevikwik and Bajaj Nomarks.

Prasad's team is one of the most profitable SBUs within BC Web Wise. They keep a consistent eye on the head count and outsourcing of work when needed, while working closely with the Finance head. All of which is done while ensuring client deliverables and business growth from SEO are being delivered.

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