Fish possess the same five senses that we do. But all fish also have a sixth sense, called FishSense. It helps them gather intelligence and act upon it almost instantaneously, making them capable of feeling, navigating and communicating in their unique environment. At BC Web Wise, FishSense was born when we first set up shop in 2000 with a 2 member team, and a pet fish. Today, it is our digital philosophy and approach towards solving business problems. It is about doing something fresh and inimitable. What it means for clients is that we deliver intuitive, holistic and impactful digital solutions that lead to branding and RoI. Here’s how: -


  • Clear Campaign Goals aligned to Business Objectives.
  • Gathering and understanding TG insights.
  • Data driven selection of media channels.
  • Data driven approach for creating digital assets and ad messages.
  • Targeting Techniques to eliminate spillage.
  • Consistent cross channel messages.


  • Use of GA platform to manage, track and optimize branding and lead campaigns.
  • Deploy Lead management system.
  • Leverage technology to combine sales performance with media data in order to calculate true ROI.
  • Use predictive technology to encourage ideal outcomes.


  • We know which keywords and media placements are most profitable.
  • We know which ad messaging and creative themes will resonate well with the TG.
  • We understand which internal and external factors will affect our campaign and will react real time.


  • We understand the role of digital media channels in the consumer purchase journey.
  • We ensure brand consistency across all channels.
  • We know how online media impact offline actions like phone calls, in-store purchases.


  • We shift investments to channels that are driving most efficient conversions.
  • We constantly monitor tracking codes.
  • We ensure our media plans are flexible and we can move in a nimble manner.