Colours of Ganesha

Colours of Ganesha

The Goal

This project's goal was to make Camlin synonymous with cool, exciting and contemporary, thus making it a top-of-the-mind stationery brand. Camlin also wanted to engage with its users. By celebrating virtual 'Ganeshotsav', they indulged them in a creative play where they got to create beautiful kaleidoscopes around Ganpati Bappa.


Camlin engaged the Ganesha devotees in a virtual version of their favourite part of the Ganeshotsav, which is welcoming the deity with the help of decorations. The users were given a blank virtual canvas with Camlin art and stationery products to imprint upon a festive design of their own.

As the user would add colours and design to the canvas, it was rendered in a beautiful animated kaleidoscopic decoration for Ganesha. The user was then invited to spread the festive spirit by submitting the artistic creation to the gallery or sharing the GIF on social media.

The activity was promoted through Facebook posts. This helped people discover Colours of Ganesha, inviting them to join this community art project.


The social community loved and celebrated each creation with enthusiasm.