Onam Boat Race

Onam Boat Race

The Goal

On the occasion of Onam, Fevikwik wanted to be a part of the celebration with the people. So the goal of this campaign was to create brand engagement and brand recall with its users through the digital media in a fun and a memorable way.


While participating in the boat race, it is a custom to sing Onam songs. Using this insight we came up with a fun way for the brand to engage with its users. We put a spin on this by asking users to sing a Fevikwik themed Onam song, as fast as they could which in turn would propel the boat forward on their virtual screen.

Fevikwik is an extremely popular brand in South India. So, through an online boat race, we created a unique digital experience for its users. Through posts on Facebook and Twitter, we led them to the Kwik Kwik Fevikwik Boat Race microsite. Once the users would visit this microsite, they had to enter their email ids which then led the users to a landing page that explained the simple rules of the boat race. They could then listen to the jingle prior to playing the boat race. The winner would win an iPad.


The users loved it! The activity appealed to them like never before! The site received 8,192 visits from the media campaign. 1,771 users played the game to completion with FB and display ad network recording the highest number.