Case Studies

ASUS India

Tech giant Asus wanted to connect with avid mobile photographers, as a part of the Zenfone 2 launch campaign. A low-light photography feature was one of the talking points for the brand, setting it apart from the competition.

It is difficult engage with photography enthusiasts on digital. There had to be a way to connect with their passion and push the product story smoothly.

The first every brand-initiated photo walk in India, calling out photographers to come together and celebrate their passion for photography. The catch however was that they have capture in low-light.

Over 250 instagramers from Mumbai with the incredible Zenfone 2 gathered together to celebrate Mumbai – a city that never sleeps. Participants could use their own phone cameras or DSLRs, and have a hands-on experience demo Zenfone 2 units, capturing incredible shots in low-light conditions.

The activity attracted passionate photographers who took the product proposition to their peers and followers

725 RSVPs / 250+ attendees

1800+ photographs clicked uploaded on Instagram + Facebook boosting organic reach

5300+ #Zenfone2Nightwalkers mentions on Social

1.5 Million Overall reach