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Brand: Abbott

In a large organisation like Abbott Nutrition, how do you keep employees abreast of the organisation’s progresses and challenges on a timely basis ? The answer – GM Communique, a fortnightly video by the company’s MD, where he does a quick review of the updates on the company’s product portfolio and relays his vision for the upcoming quarter. In the fast paced workplace environment of today where internal emailers are often ignored, this video address is a fantastic way to keep employees focused on goals and their purpose in the organisation.


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Organisations world over invest in corporate videos to showcase their company vision, mission, goals and achievements to key stakeholders. BC Web Wise’s video production unit has a number of years of experience under its belt in corporate video creation and production. Our team at the agency has expertise in video creation for corporates like HUL and Abbott Nutrition, Kokuyo Camlin and more. Our competitive coporate video pricing is unmatched and makes us the best choice for your organisation’s video creation requirements.

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