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Prepared for Round 4 - Farida Rizwan

Brand: ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

To promote their New Heart/Cancer Protect Insurance, the brand wanted to explore the storytelling route. The video created thus, featured a real cancer survivor narrating her story of survival. Different stages of her journey were captured, like the first diagnosis and approach to treatment, ending with a personal message to all viewers.


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Interview and Testimonial video creation – Opinions That Matter

A video testimonial can be one of your best marketing investments. It is a great way to convey credibility to prospects and also as an internal motivator or feedback mechanism. So, if you’re looking for a video creation agency to produce interview and testimonial videos, you’ve come to the right place. One of our brand partners that has witnessed the impact of investing in corporate interview and testimonial video creation is Abbott Nutrition. Apart from being a medium to relay important messages to its workforce, it has helped to significantly boost employee morale. One of the key reasons clients keep coming back to us is our extremely competitive pricing for interview and testimonial videos, matched by a benchmark turnaround time. That’s what makes us the best agency to turn to for your brand’s interview and testimonial video creation needs.

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