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Hero True 360

Brand: Hero MotoCorp

When the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer wanted to showcase the bike range in a unqiue way. The production team came up with a solution that’s never been tried in India. An immersive interactive experience that makes prospective buyer check out the bike in True 360. Moreover, each bike was set in a background that matches its positioning.


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Interactive Video Creation – Two Way Communication At Its Best

The use of interactive technology has changed the audience from viewers into participants and enabled them to have a more immersive experience online. BC Web Wise has been recognised in the industry for its award-winning interactive video creation for multiple campaigns. Our video production team, from directors to videographers have a pulse on what makes interactive videos work with digital audiences. Investing in interactive video production has multiple benefits – user controlled video experiences empower your audience, it is an effective way to educate consumers and a guaranteed way to spike engagement levels with your audience. So, whether your requirement is for the creation and production of a corporate interactive video or an e-learning module, come to the experts.

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