Case Studies

Movekars Aditya Birla Health

Aditya Birla Health, a new entrant in the Health Insurance market needed to topically connect with their audience during the winter holidays season. The brand’s purpose - To encourage and motivate families to get healthier...

Creating an impact during one of the busiest seasons of the year.

Our starting point was to Inspire the audience to practice a simple exercise routine and get rid of weight gain during the holidays. Through a family named 'Movekars', we introduced simple exercises of 6 minutes each for each family member. Easy to do, these didn't require any equipment and targeted the core muscles.

All this in a mobile-friendly website, with UI and UX focussed towards creating an app-like experience. Making Movekars, a virtual workout companion.

The brand connected strongly with its online community with over 200,000 likes, 800 + shares and more than 10,000 fans. What's more, customers also got closer to their health goals.

The Movekars won several awards, including mobile ABBY.