Case Studies

#DesignMyNotebook Kokuyo Camlin

Camlin’s Notebook range was driven by need-induced purchased and was top of mind for the consumer mostly at the beginning of school year. The brand wanted to promote it’s Notebook range and make it more appealing, to increase the occasions for purchase.

The student notebooks category has immense competition, and large-spending MNCs have entered the market with bigger budgets and more competitive prices. We needed to break through this clutter, and win back the appeal for Camlin’s notebooks while increase consumer involvement in the purchase.

Design My Notebook Contest

Insight mining led us to discover a shift in consumer preferences - from a desire for "glitzy and glamorous" stationery to stationery that gives consumers a sense of ownership. In a market flooded with choice like never before, their stationery choices were an extension of their personal identity. Minimalist for some, vintage for others. We realised we needed consumers to connect back with the product by allowing them to make it truly feel like their own.

We also discovered that a significant portion of art enthusiasts & influencers – a large part of Kokuyo Camlin’s online audience are constantly exploring avenues to get their artworks recognised.

So, we engaged with our audience through a digital crowd sourcing contest that allowed users to design their own Camlin Notebook.

We provided our audience – art enthusiasts, artists as well as regular users with a unique opportunity to become a part of co-creating a product, by inviting them to design their own covers for Camlin Notebooks.

On a microsite, we created a unique virtual canvas that represented a blank notebook cover. We equipped it with various Camlin art products, precisely replicating their respective textures and effects.

Users were allowed to submit multiple entries and could pick and choose any products they wanted for their cover. Once the entries were recorded, we put them to vote – and the 5 top-voted designs were then printed on Camlin Notebooks all over the country!

The crowd sourcing contest became VIRAL organically with the art-enthusiast audience.

Camlin earned 5 million + impressions.

Over 17,450 crowd sourced artworks were entered for the competition.

5 best designs were printed on Camlin’s Notebooks.

Resulted in a 14% increase in sale of Camlin Notebooks.