Case Studies

Onam Boat Race Fevikwik

Fevikwik is a low involvement product, popularly used as a quick-fix for broken items like shoes and handbags among lower income groups. The brand has a high penetration in the South market which contributes to a majority of the brand sales. With the upcoming Onam festival, the brand wanted to further consolidate its position in the south market as a quick fix solution for repairs through contextually relevant and interesting communication.

Onam is one of the biggest festivals in Kerala, which meant a swarm of brands competing for the attention of a limited audience at the same time. The brand needed to break through the clutter without losing the essence of its core proposition.


The first ever audio powered Onam Boat Race

The brand became a part of the celebrations in a unique way.

We celebrated the famous Onam boat race through a unique voice powered digital experience on a microsite.

While participating in the boat race, it is a traditional custom to sing Onam songs

So....we put a spin on this by creating a Fevikwik themed Onam song

And we asked users to sing the Fevikwik Onam song as fast as they could to propel the boat forward on their virtual screen

HTML 5 Web audio API was used to capture the sound through the device mike and process the same for the intensity of the sound and push the boat ahead accordingly. The faster and higher the pitch, the faster the boat moved ahead.

The activity appealed to the audience like never before.

We led people to the Kwik Kiwk Fevikwik Boat Race microsite via posts and tweets.

Trying out this tongue twister left the audience competing fiercely while enthusiastically enjoying the festival of Onam online for the very first time!

The Fevikwik Boat race received 4,550 Registrations and participation from 1771 users.