Digital Media Planning and Buying

The right digital media strategy to amplify your business in game changing ways

Our approach to digital media planning and buying includes revenue enhancement in addition to cost controls and efficiency. We provide sophisticated and effective media planning and buying across all digital channels, including display, video, mobile and social. Using up-to-date technology from IMRB, Double Click, Eye Blaster, and Zedo, to name a few players, we accurately determine, track and develop your online marketing activities. We also make use of ComScore and depend on paid and unpaid custom research to create optimised plans. Based on our analysis and thorough research, we ensure that brand propositions reach target audiences with the best impact.

Media Planning and Buying

  • Digital Media Strategy - Our experts strategize, negotiate and purchase ad placements while carefully taking into consideration the product, the target audience, and business goals
  • Digital Lead Management - Drawing in buyers, fostering and nurturing them with personalised campaigns
  • Programmatic Solutions - Efficient audience targeting by extremely specific criteria such as age, gender, income et al.
  • Lead Conversion and Qualification Analysis
  • ROAS Led Media Strategy - Empowering digital business by transforming digital into a key channel for business growth
  • Lead Scoring and Management - Evaluation of the sales management process for digital leads and on-ground infrastructure to manage digital leads and sales

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Consulting - SEM consulting services include website audits with actionable recommendations that give your company’s portal a strong competitive advantage in the search results.
  • Pay Per Click Service (PPC) - Jump to the top of search engine lists and appear on relevant partner websites with our sophisticated pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and management service.
  • SEO Keyword and Technical Recommendation - We help you find the right keywords to target for your business’s display ads, search ads, video ads, et al and vital technical recommendations for your website architecture
  • Content strategy - Our content strategy provides the essential data that search engines use to determine what your content and, by extension, your business is all about.
  • Link Population - Interlinking from other websites is crucial to extend your brands presence with a positive search engine rank. We ensure that these links grow consistently, attached with the right keywords.
  • Microsite creation - We help you build microsites that have the power to highlight a product, launch a promotion or augment a marketing campaign in a way that traditional marketing cannot.
  • Monitoring and reporting - Monitoring SEO health is vital to maintaining a successful search program and alongside each search engine marketing (SEM) campaign we provide our clients with Reporting & Monitoring services uniquely tailored to their business.