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Battery Low, Battery Low

Brand: Asus India

One of the best ways to understand consumer pain-points and position the product as a solution is to go out there and chat with the consumers! The voxpop format video created for Asus explores low-battery nightmares and offers Zenfone Max as a solution, followed by reactions of people when the mammoth battery life of the product is revealed.


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User generated content and vox pops video creation – Consumer Speak

User generated content is an excellent measure of your brand love. Engaging with your consumers, involving them with your brand and getting their participation in return is a true measure of digital success. Investing in vox pops video production gives you a chance to have the voice of your consumers and their testimony for your brand, showcased to the world. The best user generated content elevates your brand perception among the potential audience. Over the years, BC Web Wise video production unit of the agency has won the trust of many leading clients by delivering excellent quality user generated content and vox pops videos at extremely competitive rates.

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