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Experience App Kokuyo Camlin

Kokuyo Camlin is India’s largest art & stationery brand. However, in recent years, the brand has been facing stiff competition from international brands and newer entrants in the market, offering newer and exciting product ranges. Despite being a legacy brand, Camlin did not have the same appeal to new generation of young consumers. The brand needed an imagery uplift and a need to showcase the efficacy of its product range in an exciting way, in a format that would appeal to Gen Z.

Camlin has a wide range of colour products. The challenge was to bring an as-good-as-real experience of this extremely wide range of products to the young digitally savvy potential consumer and improve consideration for the products.


Experience Camlin is a one-of-its kind web & mobile based app that gives users an opportunity to experience Camlin’s entire colour range of products on a virtual canvas. This app allows one to draw, paint or colour, replicating the live experience of creating a work of art on a canvas . The texture, saturation and grain varies as per the medium - a flowy, more translucent effect for watercolours, a thicker texture for oil pastels. The output of the paintings is exactly the same if one were to draw or paint it on a real canvas. The app was also promoted to professional artists, for them to experience and review it.

The Experience Camlin app was a Hybrid App completely built in-house with JavaScript using Intel SDK. Though at that time one preferred to build Native Apps using native Android and IOS platform, we ventured into Hybrid to cut on development time, but not to compromise on the quality of the App. The Intel SDK is quite robust in terms of performance and scalability.

We took advantage of our JavaScript skill along with Intel SDK for building this amazing App. This App is available on the play store for IOS and Android. It is also available as a web app and works on most of the major web browsers.

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